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We provide both multi- or full-day events that include brainstorming, team collaboration activities and many more, as well as, separate challenging and transformative few hour events that can create a change in perception, new attitudes, and evidence that the IMpossible is POSSIBLE. Our home is Latvia, yet the Fire Hawk team provides firewalking and other events anywhere on the globe.

Our current scallable capacity is events of up to 500+ participants, but we prefer smaller and more private events that provide a special experience for each participant

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Team building events culminating in a walk over 500 ° C hot coals

Firewalking is an exercise in decision making and overcoming your negative beliefs. This is an event after which the team will expand its capabilities and build much closer ties with each other. An event that will allow the leader to see the values, trust and dynamics of the team. It may reveal informal positive and also possibly negative leaders within the team. 

Firewalking gives you opportunity to encounter and overcome the fear of illusion/s created by the mind. During the firewalk, the participants may challenge and change their belief patterns during single evening. This gives big push for further development of "Yes, we can" attitude. Your team's  readiness to move forward, challenge Status Quo and  reach new highs will increase significanlty. In addition to the increase in personal motivation, the ties and relationships between the participants become stronger as they have gone through the fire together and supported each other in an event that has been special to on personal and individual level.

The duration and content of the event depends on the number of participants and is tailored to the challenges and needs of the customer. Preparing for a FIREWALK usually involves reflection exercises in decision making, taking responsibility, and challenging personal comfort zone. After a firewalk, participants often take on higher goals and see new opportunities that would have been impossible in the past due to a pattern of negative thinking, i.e. fear.

FIREWALK creates HUGE sense of achievement and positive experience in a relatively short event. It gives an unprecedented boost to team's motivation and strong feeling of belonging

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The daily rhythm is becoming more and more rapid and our discipline and ability to focus is weakening  We are constantly distracted by variety things. On a daily basis, we notice that we work and get tired, yet do not do the most important things and often do not notice and appreciate the events that deserve it.

Walking on shattered glass is a wonderful metaphorical activity that creates a powerful metaphor for the power of focus and our ability to achieve the Impossible. Glasswalking in a very specific way reveals the importance of being careful and focused, which are the two main features of this activity in addition to overcoming negative beliefs.

Many participants admit that Glasswalking surprised them more than Firewalking. Glasswalking is also a great alternative to situations where Firewalk is not possible.

Other exercises to overcome negative believes

Various metaphor-enhancing breakthrough exercises that give you the opportunity to challenge and overcome negative believes

Adventure in Georgia

Go to Georgia with your team, where breathtaking views, historical monuments, mountain climbing, rafting, horseback riding, etc. are mixed with wine tastings, wonderful Georgian cuisine and brainstorming led by a professional trainer.

We provide access to the soul of Georgia, which cannot be guaranteed if you have not lived in Georgia, do not know its secret passages and you are not welcomed there as an old friend. Mārtiņš and Baiba have both lived in Georgia and are  associated with it for more than 20 years already.

The adventure and its content are tailored to the needs of a particular client's team and can also include firewalking in the shade of majestic mountains.

Check video report from similar event: here

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