Become Firewalking Instructor

Do you want to add empowerment tools to you tool box as trainer?
Do you want to excel as individual?
Do want to dive deeper into your true being?
Do you want to explore realm or IMPOSSIBLE to become POSSIBLE?

Instructor course gives you all above and much more. This is and by far is not just another certification. Most people come to Firewalk Instructor course (FIT) to learn skill and new tools, yet most leave with so much more. FIT is great retreat for those looking for deeper meaning, instead of tool set, yet you will find ways to benefit from it in you every day life, even if today you do not see yourself as trainer or public speaker.

What tools you can expect to be certified on:

  • Firewalking
  • Walking on broken glass + blind fold
  • Arrow break with your throat (REAL sharp point arrows)
  • Board break
  • Rebar bend with your pear
  • Real trust fall from 1.5m + your own height
  • Flaming ball
Each and every tool is created to deliver insight and transformation for individuals and groups, but most importantly you.

What can you expect to experience are all of above processes, yet also additional tools to energize and engage your groups and individuals as trainer. You can also expect to be pushed to some of your own limits as well as much deeper connection to the elements. We will make sure that you know how to market as well as deliver you seminar to various groups.

“I have been in firewalking world more than 10 years. I guess, that with hundreds of firewalk which I have led in quite many countries in East and West my experience in some ways is more diverse than of many playing only in even fields of particular region or country. Working with corporate or private groups, different circumstances, cultures, religions, woods… ohh… there is so much of that. If you are looking to learn how to bring your skill to absolutely new level without sticking to particular dogma, then FIT by Fire Hawk is something for you. Trust me – you will learn what others will hide and you will be one of the best!”
Mārtiņš Vecvanags -  International Firewalk Master, founder and organizer of Firewalk Gathering for professional firewalkers, professional business trainer, ICF coach and Emotional intelligence practioner (Genos International), Father of 6 children and Grandfather of 2. CLICK HER TO LEARN MORE

We do our FITs finetuned for each participant and with recognition to your location and region.
We expect that our students will do their first certified activities within 3 months from certification and for that you will receive addition free support and mentoring, if necessary.

Contact us when ready to learn more @[email protected]  or set up video meeting with Master Firewalkig Instructor Martins Vecvanags by writing to him directly @[email protected]

NB! Participation does not guaranty certification. We want to make sure that you understand the process and can facilitate it, thus we truly train the best!