Internationally recognized firewalking professionals

Rich life experience of our instructors, combined with a huge passion to learn from and together with the best, provides a unique experience in each of the events. Both have dedicated many years to creating special events with rich emotions by fintuning various nuances and working with challenging activities both in Latvia and abroad. They have worked in events on 4 continents of the world, on both sides of the equator, with 1 - 500 participants. Martins and Baiba have hosted challenges for TV shows, corporate team events, and extremely intimate and thrilling private events, e.g. weddings, family reunions, special anniversaries and other. Among participants have been children and students, as well as top executives, world-class athletes. and wide variety of professionals from around the world.

In 2013, Mārtiņš and Baiba started the public firewalk movement and tradition in Latvia, when they gave access to this event to everyone through public firewalks. 

They are both co-founders and organizers of the annual meeting of firewalking Professionals Firewalk Gathering 

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Mārtiņš Vecvanags - International Master of Firewalking

He has managed international companies with a sales above 150+ million euros and 1000+ employees, but since 2011 his passion is personal growth trainer and coach.

Executive Master's Degree in Business Administration, Individual and Team Coach (Ericsson International). Emotional Intelligence Assessment and Development Practitioner (Genos International)

On his way to the title of master is an instructor certification in 2012 (in Sweden). Training with the founder of the modern firewalking movement Tolly Burkan and many other world-renowned teachers. Mārtiņš received his master's title in 2016 in Bali, which was approved by a council of 3 masters.

Over the last five years, more than 5,000 businessmen, executives and professional athletes from the Baltics, the Caucasus and Central Asia, as well as the United States, Italy, Israel, Somalia, Brazil and many others have taken part in the events he has led. His students include such celebrities as R.Bergmanis, V.Astafjevs, Kr.Porziņģis, A.Bagatskis and more

Baiba Kļava-Vecvanaga - International Firewalking instructor

After many years of experience as a manager in large international companies in Latvia, Lithuania and Georgia, Baiba has found her patition in working with special kids

In Fire Hawk events her main focus is on team building and goal orientation training, leading a variety of exercises that promote mutual understanding, cooperation and effectiveness.

She has gained experience and knowledge with such world-renowned coaches and personal development teachers as Rolf & Åsa Beckman (Sweden), Tolly Burkan and Kevin Axtell (USA), as well as the most esteemed trainers in the Baltic region.

Baiba's customers include Medilink (Invitros), Latraps, Jelgava Football Club, Compensa Vienna Insurance group, Sanofi Aventis, Swedbank, SEB Dzīvība, Fontes and others.

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